How to find us…



Best route is through SBMA.. After coming down the hill at the end of the  “Subic – Tipo” Expressway take the right lane onto Rizal Highway.  Go straight through the lights at Puregold. Stay right because,  at the next light (just past the Yacht Club) the left lane is for turning only and there are ALWAYS police at this junction just waiting for someone to go straight from the left lane so take care. Go past Harbor Point Mall observing several stop signs and then move to the left lane to turn left at the next light. At the next STOP sign with the Royal store on the corner,  turn right and follow the road to Kalaklan Gate.  Exit the gate and turn left up the hill past the cemetery. Up and down two hills you will pass Lourdes Medical Center on your right as you enter Barrio Barretto. Go about 1km through Barretto (past all the Bars) …at the crest of a small hill at the end of town on the left hand side and next to a 7-11, is Baloy Beach Road. Turn left, and go through the security gate, road turns hard right at Blue Rock and Little PJ’s is 150m from that corner on the left hand side.

Note: There is a  per-person beach usage charge of PHP50 (PHP30 for children) payable at the security gate when entering Baloy Beach.

Please click on the maps for a larger view and some landmarks… have your passengers watch for Monkeys after the Toll Gate and all along Subic-Tipo Expressway they are common in the early mornings and evenings.


DON’T speed on SCTEX… speed guns are common especially on holidays and we’ll still be here when you get here.  Obey all the traffic rules in SBMA…   they are very strict there… seat-belts, stop signs, no turning from the wrong lane, children on laps in the front etc… ….save your cash for having fun eh? ..

Drive carefully
Drive Carefully

If you get lost pull-over at a safe place to call us… please don’t text or call while driving.

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